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Lumos Exchange

Lumos Exchange is an in-development community founded project to launch a non-custodial, peer-to-peer exchange for the Solana Network and powered assets. As the Rank #8 Cryptocurrency (according to Coinmarketcap, Feb 2022), Solana features the open-source blockchain and fast growing ecosystem. The goal of Lumos is to build a universal solution of SOL trading.

I participated in this project as a UI / UX designer with the design of exchange platform.


While P2P trading is its main feature, as the Solana Network is a relatively new ecosystem, Lumos Exchange aim to be at the forefront on making it easier for enthusiasts to utilise the world’s next powerful network. It includes 4 solutions focusing on increasing a user’s ability to harness Solana in key areas: 

  1. Wealth, where our liquidity farm will work to increase the level of wealth that can be created.
  2. Earning, where our asset LRA will provide financial wealth to the users (with a main focus on airdrops over pre-sales).
  3. Spending, where our debit card solution will provide users with the ability to spend asset in-store, in real-time.
  4. Trading, where our P2P exchange will enable global trading with minimal barriers and associated stress.

As the founding UI/UX designer of Lumos Exchange, I had done the research on the potential users of the 4 key areas mentioned and constructed the user journey, wireframe and the final prototype.

User Journey Map

Design Result

The final design includes a RWD desktop version and mobile version of prototype, with dark mode and light mode available to suit the perferences of different users. Based on 4 key areas, creating offers, trading, wallet and airdrops are the first-stage major functions of the platform with an extensibility of additional features such as liquid staking and NFTs which are also planning to develop in the future.

The recording of the oncoming live demo recorded in June 2022, for the purpose of the interaction preview.