• The Way Dance Lab

    The Way Dance Lab

    The Way Dance Lab is a new after-class street dancing club for 12-18 (grade 7 to 12) teenagers found by Taipei Holiness Church. The leader of The Way Dance Lab, Jacky Chuang, is a professional street dancer won several world competitions, a teacher of Performing Arts of a high school, and a member of Taipei…

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  • MZYME – web3-based LBS app

    MZYME – web3-based LBS app

    MZYME is a developing web3 LBS service by Playa Lab with a flexible gamification module. Business or creators can publish their NFTs with simple steps and minimal gas fee and distribute them by events and missions to reach many customers. As the motto “We Move People” signifies, the goal of MZYME is to redefine people’s…

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  • Lumos Exchange

    Lumos Exchange

    Lumos Exchange is an in-development community founded project to launch a non-custodial, peer-to-peer exchange for the Solana Network and powered assets. As the Rank #8 Cryptocurrency (according to Coinmarketcap, Feb 2022), Solana features the open-source blockchain and fast growing ecosystem. The goal of Lumos is to build a universal solution of SOL trading. I participated…

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  • Taipei Holiness Church – 台北聖教會

    Taipei Holiness Church – 台北聖教會

    From October 2021, I have been doing design work for Taipei Holiness Church, and its associated community service NPO “Taipei Guangyan Care Development Association”. My works include the new logo for the association, event posters and Sunday worship info brochure.

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  • Selectplus


    Selectplus is an online beauty shop based in Taiwan launched by JR Bio Technology, where Walter worked until Aug 2022. The shop’s style closely follows its “high-end” branding identity, which is referred to International beauty shop brands like Sephora, Douglas and Cult Beauty, while also express on-trend visual languages for local Taiwanese customers.

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  • JR Biotech

    JR Biotech

    JR Biotechnology Co. LtdJR Biotechnology is an aesthetic medicine business based in Taiwan who develops effective skincare and hair products based on natural ingredients and scientific process. Their products “Diamond Essence”, “Lipoform” and “Revival H” have received many positive feedback both in local and global markets.

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