• Paul Alkaid Character Design

    Paul Alkaid Character Design

    The updated version of one of my original characters, Paul Alkaid. He’s a physicist while also plays water polo – his favourite sport, and is chasing an athlete’s career besides his study. Thanks to that, he’s skilled at water magic, like conjuring an orb of pressurised water to throw.

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  • Garo


    A gift art for Juggermelon features his OC, Garo. I draw him playing water polo, despite that I don’t know if there’s any water polo athlete would spin a ball like basketball players.

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  • For Honor 2022 Christmas Card

    For Honor 2022 Christmas Card

    At this snowy Christmas Eve in Heathmoor, Gladiator and Raider are acting Santa to deliver presents (a new weapon) to every good kid. Fan art for For Honor ©Ubisoft.

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  • Sunset Beach Date

    Sunset Beach Date

    A tribute art to Cyberpunk 2077. The shape of the motorcycle is referred to Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X appears in that game.

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