Lumos Exchange


Lumos Exchange is an in-development community founded project to launch a non-custodial, peer-to-peer exchange for the Solana Network and powered assets. As the Rank #8 Cryptocurrency (according to Coinmarketcap, Feb 2022), Solana features the open-source blockchain and fast growing ecosystem. The goal of Lumos is to build a universal solution of SOL trading.

I participated in this project as a UI / UX designer with the design of exchange platform.


While P2P trading is its main feature, as the Solana Network is a relatively new ecosystem, Lumos Exchange aim to be at the forefront on making it easier for enthusiasts to utilise the world’s next powerful network. It includes 4 solutions focusing on increasing a user’s ability to harness Solana in key areas: 

  1. Wealth, where our liquidity farm will work to increase the level of wealth that can be created.
  2. Earning, where our asset LRA will provide financial wealth to the users (with a main focus on airdrops over pre-sales).
  3. Spending, where our debit card solution will provide users with the ability to spend asset in-store, in real-time.
  4. Trading, where our P2P exchange will enable global trading with minimal barriers and associated stress.

As the founding UI/UX designer of Lumos Exchange, I had done the research on the potential users of the 4 key areas mentioned and constructed the user journey, wireframe and the final prototype.

User Journey Map

Design Result

The final design includes a RWD desktop version and mobile version of prototype, with dark mode and light mode available to suit the perferences of different users. Based on 4 key areas, creating offers, trading, wallet and airdrops are the first-stage major functions of the platform with an extensibility of additional features such as liquid staking and NFTs which are also planning to develop in the future.