HERBIN is an herbal tea company from China with a wide collection of their original tea blend products in best quality selected from the world, looking forward to a further improvement in the International market. HERBIN describes itself as ‘universal’ and believes the fascination of tea drink comes beyond the broad line of diversity. It would like to improve their packaging to be more appropriate to the branding image more customers to choose its product and enjoy the taste of herbal tea. In addition, it is willing to introduce the possible health effects of their herbal tea products as well.

The company also values sustainability on its updated packaging design, so it plans to use the minimal material, including less paper and ink, to reduce the impact to the environment. Overall, the design concept should be clear to customers to understand the uniqueness of its herbal tea products and become outstanding among the competitors and is planned to be a simple and on-trend style with silent visual symbols to be associated with its Chinese (or Eastern) origin.

The design proposal includes print-ready packagings and a folded sheet for introduction.