I am Walter Shou-Hui Wang, a graphic and UI/UX designer from Taiwan with a multi-culture background. My goal is to be an ‘international talent’ and able to make an effort in anywhere within this world with an ambitious character and a forethoughtful perspective.

Based on my communication design major, I have built a robust level of Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects and Premiere application skills and branding, web design (HTML5 and CSS3), photography and video editing experience during the career.

Since I finished my undergraduate study in March 2017 in Swinburne University of Technology, I have worked both in-house and freelance work, mainly worked for start-up skincare and e-commerce companies in the graphic design for shopping website, DMs and marketing campaigns.

Currently, I am interested in those areas: fine arts, gaming, theology, philosophy, health and well-being. Out from the work, I also do illustration and game streams as hobbies under the alias “Zoran Reyes”.

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…well, here concludes my “in business” introduction.

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Q: Why you chose “cielazure.org” as your domain name?
A: It comes from “Le Ciel Azuré”, means “the blue sky” in French. It’s the name I chose when I began blogging in high school. Initially it was on Blogger (has been removed) but not long later I moved to WordPress and registered the domain. It has accompanied me for more than 10 years and it’s like my sanctuary on the Internet, and I am considering go back to blogging, which wouldn’t restrict myself in design topic.

Q: Why do you call “Walter”? Is it your birth name?
A: No! In my country (Taiwan), most people would choose an English name when they start learning English, and most of the name would be used in business field, just for the impression the an English name makes them more “on-trend” and “professional” (in fact it doesn’t, usually).

However, I am really in fond of the name “Walter”, which I picked when I began studying in Australia, from a German architect Walter Gropius. So it should be probably called “valt-her” according to German pronunciation. But calling me in either Scottish English (like Walter Scott) or American English (like Walt Disney) is also passable, I am not picky. xD

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: I like reading, drawing, photography and gaming. I am pretty indoor person; despite of that, I has recently begun bodybuilding to improve my overall health condition.

My favourite book is Henry David Thoreau’s Walden and favourite game is Mass Effect series. At now I am passionate in Final Fantasy XIV and enjoying my time with my FC fellows. (If you’re also in Aether, please drop me a message and say hi!)

Q: What is your belief?
A: I am a Christian and believe Jesus Christ is the savior of my life. The church I attend every Sunday is of Methodist background but I don’t think it really matters. Somehow I feel a responsibility to contribute more my effort to spread the good news to more people and perhaps I would consider to be a preacher if I didn’t proceed on the path of design.

Q: Are you straight or…?
A: I consider myself as a pansexual queer, although I am not an active member in LGBT+ community. To my belief love is love and either race or gender shouldn’t be an aspect to prevent you to build a healthy and supportive relationship.

Q: But doesn’t Christian deplore homosexuality?
A: The situation differs from every sect and every church. At least the church I go to is generally open about this. There are even churches particularly in service of gays and other sexual minorities. I wouldn’t explain too much here, but I think what we all truly need is the love from the God, and we are all a part of the God’s family no matter what’s our background and past.

Q: What’s your favourite anime?
A: ARIA series would be always my No.1. Especially I love Aika, she has such a deep characters and her voice actor, Chiwa Saito did a fantastic job to portray her.

Q: List three your comfort dishes!
A: Pesto pasta, mapo tofu and Xiaolongbao :3